Journal Recommendations/期刊-专刊推荐

Note: The extended version of conference paper can be recommended to Special Issues of international journal for Option I & II. It should be noted that the conference papers must be at least extended to 3 times before submitting paper to special issues.

Option I:

International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks (IJDSN)

(Impact Factor: 1.938; Abstracting and Indexing: SCIE, Ei Compendex, Scopus, etc)

Advances in Internet of Underwater Things

Internet of Underwater Things (IoUT) is defined as the interconnection network of underwater agents and is regarded as one of the most important technologies in the smart ocean. It can carry out real-time monitoring of water areas that have not been explored by humans and supplies a new avenue for the research about underwater data acquisition, underwater positioning, navigation, communication, array processing and signal detection. IoUT technology based on acoustic waves is often affected by the multipath effect, Doppler effect, path loss and high delay which significantly affect the performance of marine monitoring. In addition, most underwater equipment is usually powered by a battery. When batteries run out, underwater equipment would fail and cannot be replenished. The number of nodes and equipment in the underwater network is huge, and it is difficult to establish in the early stage and maintain in the later stage, resulting in high overall layout costs.

In this Special Collection, we welcome original research and review articles focusing on IoUT technology. The Collection aims to provide novel guidance for IoUT researchers and broaden the perspectives of underwater researchers.


Option I:

Frontiers in Marine Science

(Impact Factor: 5.247; Indexed by SCIE; Category Rank: 6/113; Category Quartile: JCR Q1

Ocean Observation based on Underwater Acoustic Technology

This Research Topic invites contributions of original research papers focused on the ocean observation based on underwater acoustic technology with themes: underwater sensor design, smart sensor design, underwater sensor network, underwater acoustic network protocol, underwater acoustic communication, underwater channel modeling, environment perception, ocean acoustic tomography, monitoring of underwater acoustic field, navigation, localization, tracking, detection, seafloor mapping, sub-bottom profiling, and so on.


Other Recommendation

Journal of Electronics & Information Technology (JEIT) is a Chinese comprehensive academic journal of electronics and information sciences jointly hosted by the Institute of Electronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IECAS) and the Department of Information Sciences, National Natural Science Foundation of China. Founded in 1979, it focuses on the latest innovative high-level scientific and technological achievements of great significance in the field of electronics and information sciences. It advocates academic democracy and promotes academic discussion and exchange of the researchers in and out of China. The main reporting directions of JEIT include but not limited to the followings: radar technology, telecommunication technology, signal and information processing, positioning and navigation, electronic countermeasures, electromagnetic field theory and microwave technology, pattern recognition, computer network, and electronic information science related interdisciplinary.
At present, JEIT is the source journal of “EI Compendex”, “Scopus Database”, “Chinese Science Citation Database", “Chinese Science and Technology Paper Citation Database”, "Chinese Journal Full-text Database", "Chinese Digital Periodical Group", "China Academic Journal Digest”, etc.