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Journal Special Issues

Journal Issues

Note: The extended version of conference paper can be recommended to Special Issues of international journal for Option I, II & III. It should be noted that the conference papers must be at least extended to 3 times before submitting paper to special issues.

Journal name: Advances in Mechanical Engineering (IF2021=1.566, JCR Q4):
Note: welcome papers related to all topics
Special Issue Web: https://journals.sagepub.com/page/ade/call-for-papers/special-issues/underwater-perception-and-sensing-with-robotic-acoustic-sensor-and-network

Journal name: Journal of Marine Science and Engineering (IF2021=2.744, JCR Q1)
Note: welcome papers related to underwater field
Special Issue Web: https://www.mdpi.com/journal/jmse/special_issues/3606306BNS

Journal name: Recent Patents on Engineering (EI indexed)
Note: welcome papers related to underwater field

All special issues are guested by Guest Editor:Xuebo Zhang, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Northwest Normal University
Email: xuebo_zhang@ieee.org.cn